Nars Chelsea girls

Nars has come out with a gloss version of the popular chelsea girls that was only available in a pot version. Now it is in q gloss formula which everyone is in love with. I never tried it when it came in a pot version so I cant vouch  for the formula. But this gloss is pretty nice. Feels like the nars typical glosses. It has nice coverage and more of a nude nude. I found on my lips it takes on more of the nude brown tint rather then a pinky nude. Even with it swatching pinky nude.

I bought mine on the sephora website



Current favorites

These are everything that I have been loving. I have fallen behind on posts and I have a few new videos on my youtube channel 🙂 so feel free to take a look. But in the mean time take a look at what my current favorite are right now. You are bound to find a new love for a skin care product or makeup 🙂

Ipsy! Should you subscribe or not?

To subscribe or not to? that is the question.  There are a lot of subscription services out there right now. Monthly to quarterly boxes. Each one has something a little bit different to offer.

With Ipsy you get deluxe size or even full size products. It will range from makeup products to skincare to hair care. You take a quiz where they match you the best that they can. then each month you get a cute cosmetic bag of goodies sent out to you. Try them out and or give some to friends. I love IPSY for the reason alone. I share my goodies with friends and family.

At $10.00 a month IPSY is a great deal, you can’t beat the price. It is like your birthday each month with new goodies arriving.

If you are interested click the link and it will take you to the main page where you will set up your profile, then get all set up.

click here 


Here is what I have gotten in my bags in the previous months.





Hair Care Routine

Ever since going blonde I have switched up my hair care routine. I have been using new shampoo and new conditioner new everything for the most part. Since I have been having to use bleach on my hair. However it has been a 6 + month process to get my black dyed hair to lift to blonde. My natural color is a ashy blonde color.

I have been using Kenra hair care products and love them. Along with oribe! and hello those brands smell soooo sooooo sooo good! Like if I could bath in them I would lol. Well maybe not, but the scent is that good. It’s a ten is also a brand that I like. I have been using the It’s a ten leave in treatment that is meant for blonde hair. It helps to tone my hair as well. Speaking of toning. I also use a purple shampoo or conditioner to help tone my hair weekly. I have been using the aveda blue malva. Love it. It smells good and does a great job.

Take a peek at my video where I explain everything 🙂

Fab Fit Fun Review

Hey beauties! I feel like it has been forvever since I posted. My youtube channel has been taking up a lot of my time. Plus it is spring and I have been busy doing spring cleaning and de cluttering my makeup stash lol.

I thought I would share my Fab fit Fun box with you, so you could see what goodies i got and see if this is something you might like to get as well. What I love is that you get a good mix of beauty items as well as things that pertain to fitness and skincare and just in general good health. The box is a fun surprise when it does come.

I have included a link to where you can sign up for these goodies.


Influenster Frosty Vox Box

I’m so happy I had the chance to review this box from influenster. So many great goodies! But I have to say the first thing I did was eat the whole bag of candy lol. They were soooo good. I have since bought bags of them and my kids love them!




The eco tools brush I got was the styler and smoother. I use this to blow dry by hair mainly and it works great.


The rimmel eye makeup remover is gentle and works well on waterproof makeup! big plus.





I got the rimmel scandal eyes waterproof liner. This is very black and creamy. I would say it is not 100% budge proof however. But works good.



How perfect is the candy cane lane tea! perfect for a cold winter night. Either during the holidays or just a little pick me up at night.


Boots has a serum that is meant to be used for anyone that is looking for anti-aging skincare. The sample was not big enough to last 2 weeks to truly test it out however. 4 weeks will give you the full benefits. I will have to see if I will purchase this, not sure yet.

I did get my box complimentary from influenster for review 🙂 I was happy to review everything I got in my box. Thanks influenster and all the great brands I loved testing everything out.

Sephora Haul

So I stopped in at Sephora the other day. I was just minding my own Business when all of a sudden these products just fell into my basket!! How dare they lol. Now if only it worked that way then maybe it would be justifiable to my husband as to why I have more products at home.
So here goes it. My small haul.


Lets start with the gorgeous Dior lipgloss in the color Dolly Pink.




It has a brush applicator. Which is nice. The packaging feels high end and is very pretty with the Dior name carved into the bottle. It is not sticky at all. It was $26 at sephora.

Glamglow mud mask is $69 and worth every penny. I got the one that is meant for problem skin. Pores and fine lines to acne and breakouts. Basically you let it sit on your skin for about 10 mins and let it do it’s job. It will dry and and you will see all the blackheads! It helps to clean out your pores and give you a fresh look.


Im also trying out the new Nars luminous foundation. Im still testing this out. But basically it is suppose to be a medium coverage foundation and great for all skin types. It is more of a serum based foundation. It is not thick at all. You have to apply it fast and blend it on well. If you put to much foundation on you will look cakey. It was $44. It also comes with a pump which makes it sooo easy to use.



Next is the Buxom lipgloss set. There are 6 mini lip-glosses. 3 of which are limited edition glosses. Which I could not resist. Price at Sephora was $ 32.00.